Gagliardo mix 6 pack

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The Gagliardo producer 6 pack contains 3 different types of wines, 2 bottles of each. 
Considered the father of the new Favorita, rediscovered and restored in the late 70s, in later years he devoted himself to developing the extension of Nebbiolo vineyards, today all in full production for the two Nebbiolo and three Barolos that the family produces.
 Gagliardo family cultivates them own vineyards in the villages of La Morra, Barolo, Monforte, Serralunga and Monticello d'Alba, using the natural methods of integrated agricolture..

Gianni Gagliardo Dolcetto  2015
The Dolcetto is deeply rooted in the tradition of the Langhe. Paulin wants to be a clear, defined and well measured version. It comes from different properly combined vineyards in order to achieve this goal.
Gianni Gagliardo Fallegro Favorita. 2015

Fallegro was born in 1974 and it’s one of the first wines made from Favorita grapes. It’s the Piemonte version of Vermentino grapes, the only one grown far from the sea in a continental climate which gives lot of character and makes it fresh and fragrant.

Ideal as an aperitif and easily served with food.

Giannni Gagliardo Nebbiolo 2015
The sandy soil of Roero area from which it come, characterizes and distinguishes it from most of the other Langhe Nebbiolo, which usually come from the stronger terrains of Barolo or Barbaresco. DaBatiè is in fact a particularly gentle and sapid expression of the variety.

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