La Settimana I Clivi mixed case.

We have bundled up a great mix of white wines by producer I Clivi. I Clivi have vines situated in what is considered to be the best of the best land in Friul in the North-East of Italy.

See the mix here. 


There are only four bottles left of the 2003 Verduzzo in store - so we have packaged one in each of four remaining 6-packs. The Verduzzo is made with fruit from very old vines, production is small at 2000 bottles. Fermentation is facilitated by indigenous yeasts from the berries and 6 months on lees. After more than 12 years in the bottle... Fruit flavours have become earthier, gamey and slightly oxidised. Honey, orange, toasty, hazelnut , bolder and  a slight sourness. 

This special offer case comes with free 1-2 day delivery to Sydney and Melbourne.